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Choose Your Opponent

  • SAT provides a worthy AI opponent whose game-plan mirrors the way each team actually played

  • Play against a human coach across the internet by connecting directly through the program

  • Play as a spectator using the auto-watch option and watch the game unfold in front of you

Set your Preferences

  • Each season has multiple options allowing you to tailor the rules and setup to meet your needs

  • The stadium screen (display, sounds and graphics) can also be customized to your requirements

Call the plays

  • Take players in and out of the game with a single click
  • Call offensive plays with a single click
  • Clear display for defensive play-calling allows you to easily set your defense and coverage

Live the game

  • Detailed play-by-play commentary
  • Graphical representation of field position, including offensive and defensive formations
  • Optional in-game sound effects
  • Optional enhancements including referee calls and signals, cheerleader displays, custom team touchdown sounds and fight songs
  • Optional player pop-up displays showing in-game and seasonal statistical milestones
  • Full game statistics, drive charts, play-by-play summary available for all games
  • Watch a game over the internet with the page updated after every play

Live the day

  • Use game simulcast to play all games on a day (or week) simultaneously with the ability to switch between games and even pause games to return to later.

Monday Morning Quarterback

  • Review the game on a play-by-play basis, including full details of the game engine dice rolls, play-calling and other adjustments and view the actual results table for each play.  Understand how and why a result happened.
  • Write a summary of the game which will appear on all reports (html and printouts)

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