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1993 and 2022 COLLEGE seasons available for purchase

2022 PRO seasons available NOW

Download and install the 1043 UPDATE file to use these seasons.



Second and Ten V10 (v10.15.43) - Updated 8-25-2023



Master Seasons (Pro: 1932-2021, 2015 Playoffs, AFL 1960-1969, AAFC 1946-49, WFL 1974-75, USFL 1983-85, NFLE 1997-07, XFL 2001, College: 1953,1956,1959,1966,1969,1977,1984,1995,1999-2011, 2001-2011 Playoffs) - Updated 04-02-2022

Pro Seasons with Updated Real Sack Stats (1960N-1965N, 1960A-1965A, 1966-69 Combined NFL/AFL, 1970-1981) - Updated 10-30-2021

The files included in this download contain revised individual player sacks for the seasons listed. These new data were obtained from a review of game play by plays as part of a long-term project. It is important to note that it was not possible for this project to obtain PBPs for every game during this period. Thus the sum of the player totals often times does not equal the actual team total for sacks. The defensive sack rating in SAT is calculated based on the team totals and always has been.

A player's listed number of sacks in these files is the exact amount from the new data even though his actual sacks might be unknown due to missing PBP. His sack RATING is based on an estimated number of sacks accounting for games missing. When that's the case the number of sacks by a player in replays will tend to be greater than his listed number of sacks. For example assume the project only had PBP data for half of a team's games and that John Smith had 6 sacks in those games. His sack rating in SAT will be based on the assumption that Smith most likely sacked QBs at the same pace in the games with missing PBPs. In other words Smith's rating would be based on 12 sacks, not 6.

These seasons will over-write your existing Master Seasons. Therefore to use them you will need to do a master restore of the desired season.

The download also includes combined seasons for 1966-1969 instead of the existing split NFL/AFL seasons. (Credit:Chris Harris)

College Teams 1900-1949 updated with new season averages (included in full download below as well) - Updated 08-18-2021

College Teams (5,800 past teams available for use in user-created seasons) - Updated 08-18-2021

College Team List. PDF file detailing all free teams - Updated 01-22-2020


After downloading and installing the master seasons, Open SAT V10, go to Season Tools and click the Update with Master Seasons button. The College Teams will automatically be available.

Purchasers of the 1962,1964,1968,1973,1982,1987,1988,1992 and 2012-2020 College seasons will receive a separate download link.



Second and Ten V9 Conversion

This allows you to convert in-progress or completed seasons from V9 into V10.



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